Toyota Crown 2014-2018 Apple CarPlay & Android Auto OEM Integration

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Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto OEM Integration for Toyota Crown 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018.

Nifty City Advanced Integration

The Nifty City Advanced Module can also be an independent system, carrying storage of its own and executing apps on its own. The module operates and computes from Android inspiration, allowing the user to do things like access the App Store to download apps, use movie streaming apps like Netflix or Prime, or maybe just surf the net with Google.

Say goodbye to wire cutting with our easy, Plug N Play DIY installation (Piggy-Back with your factory looms). The Nifty City Modules, allows you to have the option to switch between your factory operating system and our system.


The Advanced Module still provides the following:

Apple CarPlay - Option to upgrade to Wireless, at the checkout process.

Android Auto - Option to upgrade to Wireless, at the checkout process.

YouTube App - Access YouTube App to watch video or listen to music.

3 x USB Inputs -  Connect USB Media to play Music or Videos.


Supports OEM Cameras - Cameras still operate normally.

Aftermarket Cameras - Ability to connect Aftermarket Cameras

Steering wheel controls & Keypads - Usable with Nifty City module.

Climate Control - Viewable inside Nifty City Module.

Includes support for vehicles with Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems.


Note: Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, still requires your smart phone.

Note: Some of the apps or features above, must be purchased additionally at the checkout (They will be offered when you click "BUY NOW”) 

Packages come with quick set up instructions

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