Warranty & Disclaimer


‘NIFTY CITY’ provides 3 months of FREE REPLACEMENT warranty if our products arrive faulty or do not operate as expected. The consumer has up to 3 months to return the product for a free replacement (This does not include Shipping and Taxes. The consumer will be responsible for paying shipping and any applicable taxes UNLESS the product has a quality issue or is faulty on arrival)

NIFTY CITY provides 1 year warranty for products that do not operate as intended upon sale. We understand that in rare instances, some products that were manufactured, potentially might be faulty, that's why, NIFTY CITY will provide 1 year of warranty for a replacement or free repair.


‘Nifty City’ provides products that are considered as ‘aftermarket’. These products may not operate the same as factory products. We engineer them as best as possible to be able to give an alternative to owners of specific vehicles that do not otherwise have many other options.
In saying this ,‘Nifty City’ sells products at different, complex levels, at different price ranges, with all products providing a different cause and feature. ‘Nifty City’ is not responsible for improper installation(s), in saying this, for the first time installation, you might encounter some issues, that’s why we’re to help. ‘Nifty City’ and the team, suggests to visit a professional or get professional advice if you’re not comfortable with amending your vehicle.
‘Nifty City’ purely sells modules that have an android-based interface that allows consumers to download 3rd party apps that are owned by other 3rd parties.
If a 3rd party app is not operating as it should, then it is suggested to contact that 3rd party where possible. 
‘Nifty City’ will always be here to help with any technical issues and where possible.  ‘Nifty City’ will not issue a refund or return without a valid reason. If at any point, one of our staff are threatened or abused, any refunds/returns will be void.
Thank you. 

Please contact us should you have any further questions or concerns.

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