Carlinkit Wireless Apple CarPlay Wireless Android Auto Dongle

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Carlinkit Wireless Apple CarPlay Wireless Android Auto Dongle

- To be used with any headunit running Android 4.4 or newer
- Wireless Android Auto
- Wireless Apple CarPlay
- Built it microphone
Built in May 2022! Latest Dongle!
This product only supports an Android System car/radio/navigation, it does not support the factory car system, please confirm whether your car is an Android system 4.4 above before buying.
Apple Carplay & Android Auto (Wireless)
Carlinkit Apple Carplay Dongle USB Adapter, Android Auto, Siri Voice Control, Mirroring, Smartphone Link Receiver Charger Box Interface for Android Radio, Navigation Stereo Support iPhone/Android Phone, fit for Apple Car Play Function
1. It can work with Phone Calls, access to messages, Siri, Maps, Music. Support voice commands to make phone calls, use Maps (Support Google Map and Waze), listen to your favorite songs using iTunes, Apple Music, or installed app and access to messages. Bidirectional control and view your phone on the car screen with USB cable.
2. Updatable dongle software, It can Plug & Play with both iOS and Android phone.
3. Compatible device, this carplay USB adapter fits for Android 4.0 and above system car stereo or navigation head unit. Supports iPhone with IOS 8 and above, iPhone 5 or above models, Android mobile phones with auto feature.
4. Installations requirements: install APP of the product, you can install before buy it.  APP download address:
Installation instructions:
Android navigation system:

1) Navigation machine installation product APK and open
2) Connect the product to the USB interface of the navigation host. The mobile phone is connected to the product interface through the data cable.
3) The Siri system is compatible with the built-in Mic of the host computer. The use of the voice recognition setting the host computer needs to be turned off.


1) Connect to USB cable, click “Allow” lock screen can use.

    Android Auto:

1) From the Google Play to download and install Android Auto
2) Check the Android AUTO operating environment and update Google services.
3) Connect to USB cable.


Material: Plastic  
Input: USB DC 5V 1A
Output: DC 5V 1A
Compatible with these moblie phone:
Support iPhone 5 and systems above, apply IOS 8 and more.
Support Android Auto feature phone.
Friendly Tips: Please use the original mobile phone data cable connection, this is very important.
Suitable Car Models: Android car audio system 4.0 and above.

Package Included:
1 X Wired CarPlay USB Dongle
1 X user manual

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