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Standard VS Advanced Explained

So, you want to know the difference between our standard and advanced modules?  Read on!
You may have noticed, they look alike?
You may have also noticed, the price difference?

Standard Module - This system provides with you with the necessary upgrade. The standard system includes; Wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Youtube and USB inputs (USB media play).

Advanced Module - 
While our advanced modules provides you with everything the standard module provides...there is more to it...

Our Advanced Modules also gives you access to the Google Play Store to download any apps you may need, directly onto the module storage.
The advanced module also has preloaded apps.

The Advanced Module allows you to use ADAS features, it gives you options to connect cameras and DVR options. (ADAS includes 360/birdseye camera)

Please Note: To have a consistent internet connection on the advanced module, to use the onboard apps NOT including apps inside Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, you must have 1 OF 3 things available..

1- Wifi
2- Phone Hotspot
3- Purchase a dongle with a sim card on it and plug it into the system (USB inputs)
Note: Not all vehicles have the option for standard and advanced.
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