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Custom Audio Harness

This harness allows you to connect AUX from the AUX output of the Nifty City Module. 

This replaces the old-fashioned output from the module, to your armrest inputs, and keeps the installation clean and behind the headunit/dash area.

Only purchase this, if you'd like to keep your installation clean and behind the dash.
This harness connects behind your headunit and has a female AUX input which takes the male AUX output, from the Nifty City Module. 

Dark Mode

This feature will allow us to program your module to Auto-Dim the factory screen when your headlights are switched on & off. 

If this is not selected, your screen will maintain the same brightness level and will need to be manually adjusted.

Upon completing your purchase, you will receive your Nifty City-Stamped Booklet or Manual at the checkout, which you can download instantly. You will also receive an email with that booklet or manual attached. Sometimes, our manuals or booklets, are inside the packages, please see specifics: 

For the OEM-Integration Modules: Booklets are instantly downloadable at the checkout and an email is sent to you. 

For the Tesla-Style Screens: Booklets are instantly downloadable at the checkout and an email is sent to you. (Please note, we have recently designed many new Tesla-Style Screens, and booklets are still being formed, for some specific vehicles - however, we may have instructional videos ready)

For The Nifty Box: Booklets are downloadable at the checkout and an email is sent to you. There is also a QR Code on the package, which you can scan to retrieve your booklet. 

For Portable Units, Paddle-Shift Covers & other Dongles: Booklets are inside the packages!

Booklets are not available for all our products. Example: Aftermarket headunit fitments, do not come with booklets. They require profesional installation. If you would like, you can check with us before ordering, for booklet availability. 


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Booklets in different languages - If you need a booklet in a different language other than English, please contact us to see if we that available.